I should’ve known….

M by Mariah Carey.

After the song’s release in the United States, “Loverboy” stalled on the Billboard Hot 100. The song reached a peak of number two on the Hot 100, though failing top the chart due to weak radio airplay. Though finishing as the best-selling song of 2001 in the United States, “Loverboy” became Carey’s first lead single to not reach number one. 

Celebrating 13 years of Loverboy!

that moment when the commercial is better than the actual video

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Why you so obsessed with me?

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Mariah Carey - America The Beautiful
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The only way to truly enjoy the 4th of July.

Mariah Carey drops hint about Supernatural ft. Roc ‘N Roe back in May 2013 [x]

When I break,I break.

When I break,I break.